Visit the community of Ciudad Vieja and tour a chicken bus refurbishing shop, a family-owned coffin carpentry workshop and Niños de Guatemala’s Nuestro Futuro and Básico schools.



Visit Cuidad Vieja and discover what everyday life looks like in Guatemala. With our guide, you’ll catch a chicken bus, visit Niños de Guatemala schools, Nuestro Futuro and Básico, and see two main industries of the town: a chicken bus factory and a coffin carpentry. While walking around Cuidad Vieja, our guide will tell you all about the city, its people and daily life here.

Ciudad Vieja
This tour begins with an exciting start: a ride on the colorful and chaotic chicken bus, an experience you cannot skip when if you want to understand Guatemalan everyday life. After a short bus ride, you will arrive in Ciudad Vieja, one of the former capitals of Guatemala. While walking towards your first destination and passing through the local market, your guide will tell you about this interesting place.

Niños de Guatemala Schools: Nuestro Futuro and Básico
In Ciudad Vieja, you will visit two schools of the NGO: Nuestro Futuro and Básico. Nuestro Futuro is the first primary school of Niños de Guatemala, which opened its doors in 2009. Nearly 200 children, ages 4 to 12, who would otherwise not have been able to go to school attend Nuestro Futuro. You will get to see the school premises, meet the students, and learn more about Niños de Guatemala, our programs and what education is like in Guatemala. After finishing primary school, graduates of Nuestro Futuro and El Porvenir attend secondary school Básico. Opened in 2015, Básico graduated its first class in November of 2017. Here you will learn about additional programs of the organization and the future opportunities for our graduates.

Local Workshops
After learning all about the school, you’ll walk through Ciudad Vieja and visit workshops of the two principal industries here: chicken buses and coffin carpentry. Chicken buses are a common form of transportation in Guatemala. These former U.S. school buses are repaired, modified and decorated locally to fit to the needs of the Guatemalan bus companies. At the workshop, you’ll learn how the buses are transformed and the industry in general. Coffin carpentry is a prominent and important part of life in Ciudad Vieja. At the workshop, you will meet Don Cesar who owns a family coffin-making business. Don Cesar will show you how the coffins are built and decorated according to Guatemalan tradition. You will learn about the use and importance of different colors and other Guatemalan traditions. After these fun and educational visits you will return to Antigua by chicken bus. A good way to observe all that you have just learned about these Guatemalan buses in real life!


  • Transport
  • Local guide
  • All workshop entrances

What to Bring

  • Wear clothing appropriate for a Guatemalan school environment (covered shoulders and legs above the knee)
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  • Sun and rain protection (sunscreen, hat, umbrella or raincoat)
  • Bottle of water